Get Paid to Refer Us!

We are excited to introduce our new referral program, designed to benefit both real estate agents and homeowners.  By partnering with us at Advantage Roofing, you can not only promote top-tier roofing services but also earn significant rewards.

Why Partner with Us?

As a trusted roofing company, we deliver quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. Our projects consistently meet the highest standards, ensuring satisfied clients and a strong reputation in the industry.

How to participate:

1. Simple Referrals: Recommend Advantage Roofing to your clients or neighbors facing roofing issues.
2. Free Inspections & Estimates: We provide thorough, no-obligation inspections and estimates for your referrals.
3. Successful Completion, Rewarded Success: Once a referred project is completed, you’ll receive a referral fee!

Benefits of Joining

Earn Extra Income

For every successful referral, you'll pocket $500

Trustworthy Services

Align yourself with a reputable company known for excellence

Easy Process

Simple referral process with direct rewards


Get the Referral

Our referral program is a great way to boost your income while helping your clients or neighbors. Getting a free inspection for your client’s roof that potentially needs to be replaced, or for clients who don’t want to blame you after buying a house that requires costly repairs, is beneficial for all sides. This way, you can earn extra money in addition to your commission rate, which sounds pretty good. It also helps in negotiating home sale prices or selling property as-is if everything looks fine after getting recommendations from our specialists. Checking the roof should be on everyone’s homeowner and buyer checklist.

Optimize Your House Selling Process

By recommending our services, you ensure that your clients’ properties are in top shape, making negotiating home sale prices smoother. From selling property as-is to preparing your home for sale checklist, a quality roof can make a significant difference.

Get Started Today!

Ready to join? Connect with us today and begin your journey to extra income through quality referrals. Together, we can build stronger, more beautiful homes.